25-year-old Nigerian Lady becomes a Lecturer at University of Texas in the US, celebrates achievement

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25-year-old Nigerian Lady becomes a Lecturer at University of Texas in the US, celebrates achievement

A 25-year-old Nigerian Lady named Obafemi Ifeoluwapo Abigail landed a lecturing job at the University Of North Texas two weeks after she bagged her master’s degree in the United States.

Obafemi Ifeoluwapo bagged her Master of Arts degree in German Language and literature at the University of Alabama, United States. She bagged the degree with an honors grade of 4.00 over 4.00 points.

Ifeoluwapo graduated from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree in German Studies before she moved to the United States to further her studies. While studying for her master’s at the University of Alabama, she also worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

She shared her accomplishment of obtaining her master’s degree on Linkedin, an achievement she described as one with mixed feelings as she is excited to earn the degree and at the same time sad to graduate from the university.

Ifeoluwapo mentioned that the University of Alabama gifted her with professional and intellectual growth as well as beautiful experiences and memories.

She said her connection with the University of Alabama and her active involvement in the Association of American Teachers of German (AATG) played a crucial role in securing funding for her participation in a 3-week Teachers’ Seminar in Germany.

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She got a job as a lecturer of Elementary German at the University of North Texas, in the United States. Ifeoluwapo said she officially started submitting job applications two weeks before her master’s graduation.

She said that though it was one of the most exhausting experiences of her life and she was almost discouraged but she is glad she persevered as the stress was worth it.

”Fast forward. On July 12, I received an offer letter. I‘m excited to officially join University of North Texas as a Lecturer of elementary German, as my class duties begin today,” she said.

Ifeoluwapo attributed the win to God for his guidance and not her skills. She lectures at the Adjunct Faculty of the University of North Texas.


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