Brilliant 18-year-old boy graduates high school with 4.80GPA, wins $1.5million scholarships to 20 US universities

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Brilliant 18-year-old boy graduates high school with 4.80GPA, wins $1.5million scholarships to 20 US universities

A brilliant 18-year-old  boy named Xavian Branch has earned 1.5 million dollars worth of scholarship offers to 20 different universities after graduating from Jim Hill High School, Mississippi with an outstanding 4.80 cumulative grade point.

Xavian Branch, a Mississippi teen is a graduating senior of Jim Hill High School whose excellent performance earned him 1.5 million dollars worth of scholarships to 20 universities and colleges across the United States.

Xavian was also a participant in the International Baccalaureate program. He graduated with a 4.80-grade point average and was the best-graduating student in his class.

He said that he is proud of every of his achievement because he put enough efforts into it. “When I look back at all the work that I did, I wouldn’t regret anything,” he said

Xavian said he was able to apply to all the colleges with the help of his academic adviser Frank J. Branch who made it possible for him to earn acceptance from 20 different universities in the States.

“I saw that we were not getting any money for the colleges, and I knew the money was out there. I made it my goal to help them get into college,”  Frank said.

Xavian’s mother, Zandra Branch said she is proud of her son’s achievement. She added that she wishes for him to make impactful contributions globally. “I just can’t say enough about my baby, I want him to make all the contributions in the world. Keep God first in his life and foremost, and whatever he decided to do will prevail for him,” she said.

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Xavian was accepted into several universities, some of which include; Carnegie Mellon University, Ole Miss University, West Point University, and Vanderbilt University. He said he will be attending Missipi College where he will be studying Interdisciplinary Studies.


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