Brilliant Nigerian Lady breaks record at Russian University, becomes first African to bag Medicine degree with 5.00/5.00 GPA

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Brilliant Nigerian Lady breaks record at Russian University, becomes first African to bag Medicine degree with 5.00/5.00 GPA


A brilliant Nigerian Lady named Igboanugo Annastatia has made history at Rostov State Medical University as the first African to bag bachelors degree in  Medicine and Sugery with a 5.00/5.00 cumulative grade point.

Igboanugo Anastatia who was initially enrolled in Imo State University transferred to Russia after she wrote the federal government scholarship examination. Fortunately for Annastatia, she won the bilateral education agreement scholarship (BEA) between Russia and Nigeria to study General Medicine and Surgery.

Speaking in an interview, Annastatia said she resumed her  studies in 2016 at Rostov State Medical University in Russia where she did a one-year Russian language course and 6 years medical school, making it a total of 7 years in the university.

She graduated with a 5.00/5.00 grade point average first-class honors from Rostov State Medical University. This achievement earned her the best graduating student award.

”It was a great honour to speak to thousands of people on my graduation day. That was the first time I ever spoke to that mammoth crowd,” she said.

Annastatia expressed deep happiness about her success, stating that the success is the result of the hardwork and determination she put into her studies.

”I am delighted to have graduated with a GPA of 5.0/5.0. This is because I really worked hard for it and I feel like I deserve it. I studied mostly 8-10 hours each day. I am seen mostly in school, my apartment and church. I make time to talk to my family and friends and any other important things that I needed to do, ”Annastatia said.

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”I sleep early (mostly around 8-9 pm) and wake up early (around 1-2 am) to study. I strongly believe that I am deserving of my achievement because I put in the work and I give God almighty the praise because he made it possible,” she added.

She mentioned that the beginning of her educational journey in Russia was not an easy. She said she had difficulties learning the Russian language.

”The beginning was hard, after one year of language course, I was still not perfect in the language so in my first and second year of medical school, I watched medical YouTube videos, wrote notes and did lots of translations from Russian to English just to understand what I was studying,” she said.

” Some days, I just wept off my bed because of the stress I was facing and my fear of not overcoming the language barrier. I’m glad that all that sadness is in the past and I came out victorious,” she added.

Advising students who also wants to achieve good grades, Annastatia advised them to always bear at the back of their minds that excellence is possible only if they put in the work. She further said student have the  need to desire success.

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”When you have a strong desire for something, you will have a reason to work towards it and try to get it, sometimes, things might not go the way you expected but I want you to never stop trying no matter how many times you failed. No one wants to hear your failure story, everyone wants to hear your success story. I wish you the best,” she advised.


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