Canstar picks direct life winners

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Canstar picks live life winners

June 19, 2017

NobleOak and Ozicare have been named “outstanding value insurers” in the Canstar Live Life Awards.

The financial comparator said NobleOak was selected for its Premium Life product.

It is the only direct life insurance provider to have won a Canstar award in two years of operation.

“The impressive results are due to a combination of very competitive premiums and powerful features,” said Canstar GM Wealth Josh Callaghan.

“With new entrants and some product changes in the industry, NobleOak has hit the mark once again.”

Mr. Callaghan said Ozicare’s product features are considered superior to those offered in the average market and are priced very competitively.

Canstar reviewed 31 life products directly from 30 insurers.

“There are a number of direct life insurance policies on the market that are highly featured products,” said Mr. Callaghan.

“The coverage is getting closer and closer to what you get from a life advice policy.

“A number of insurers have been restructuring their policies, removing some from the market temporarily and returning with new and improved products that offer a wider range of coverage possibilities. than”.

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