Exceptional Nigerian man wins Germany DAAD scholarship with his first-ever application, celebrates achievement

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Exceptional Nigerian man wins Germany DAAD scholarship with his first-ever application, celebrates achievement


A brilliant Nigerian man named Tochukwu ThankGod Okafor has won the prestigious DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship to earn a Master’s degree in Germany on his first attempt.

The Germany DAAD Scholarship awards a Full Scholarship with €1,200 monthly stipends as well as many other benefits to allow international students to earn a 2-year Master’s degree in Germany. The Germany DAAD scholarship is ongoing, read the details HERE.

Tochukwu ThankGod who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Wildlife from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, South-East, Nigeria, narrated that he had always wanted to further his education abroad but procrastinated a lot since he graduated in 2019.

However, his friend encouraged him to apply for the 2022 version of the DAAD scholarship. “I have always wanted to further my studies in the area of Conservation, in a developed country such as Germany which is a role model nation when it comes to Biodiversity Conservation. For some reason or the other, I kept procrastinating,” he narrated.

Some months ago, my very good friend; Anabel Emebo encouraged me to start my scholarship application journey and stop procrastinating. I immediately started searching and found the right course for me. I applied for it, and the rest, they say is history,” he added.

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He announced that he won the award in his first attempt. “I am delighted to announce to you that this was my first and only scholarship application. Yes, you read it right! I got the scholarship at first attempt, Tochukwu wrote on LinkedIn.

He hopes his story inspires many who have not taken the bold step to apply for scholarships abroad. “I hope this inspires someone out there. Take the bull by it’s horn, you never can tell, you might have probably been the one delaying your destiny. Have you been planning to apply for scholarships? The time is now,” he added.

Tochukwu also went further to explain some of the steps he took to clinch the highly competitive Germany DAAD award in his first-ever attempt.

“Just package your CV very well (List your strong qualities, add all your volunteer activities, networks and societies you belong to, leadership positions you’ve held in the past or present, etc).”

“Have good supporting documents (Your motivation letters and Recommendation letters are very crucial parts of your application) and Most importantly hand over everything to GOD,” he added.

He also advised those who have received rejections before never to give up on their dreams. “For those of you who might have had several rejections and are thinking of quitting, just keep pushing, the good news you’ve been waiting for is at the corner. Please never give up in your pursuit for excellence,” he said.

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