Study-In-Qatar: 2023 Government of Qatar Scholarship For International Students

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Study-In-Qatar: 2023 Government of Qatar Scholarship For International Students

The state of Qatar Scholarship is a nomination to benefit from scholarships at the Religious Institute at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs – State of Qatar.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs is one of the important ministries in the State of Qatar, which implements Islam as a methodology and thought.

It is concerned with the affairs of Muslims from the pulpits of mosques, in the arenas of calling to God, and in the management, maintenance, and supervision of God’s houses in order to achieve the comfort of Muslims, citizens, and residents

More scholarship opportunities are ongoing in countries across Europe, the United States and Canada. Check out some selected opportunities below:
To be considered for the scholarship, you must take note of the following:
  1. Registration for scholarship students begins in September and ends at the end of December of each year, and no application received after this date will be considered.
  2. The scholarship applicant must be a Muslim who speaks the Arabic language and is fluent in reading and writing, and must be among the outstanding students, with a score of not less than (80%), and the certificates must be certified by the official authorities.
  3. That the scholarship applicant has studied the English language because it is the foreign language that the student studies in the religious covenant.
  4. Scholarships are offered in the preparatory and secondary stages at the religious institute, and within the prescribed age limits as determined by the Ministry of Education in the State of Qatar (Attachment 1).
  5. Grants are given to males only.
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