Triplets born 13 weeks prematurely survive growth challenges, wins $78,000 scholarship to 40 US universities

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Triplets born 13 weeks prematurely survive growth challenges, wins $78,000 scholarship to 40 US universities

Morgan, Sanai, and Tony Jr. Hicks who were born 13 weeks prematurely have overcome growth challenges and graduated high school. They secured 78,000 dollars worth of scholarships to 40 different universities in the United States.

Morgan, Sanai, and Tony Jr. Hicks are triplet teens from Baltimore who graduated high school with excellent grades. They graduated with 3.70, 3.80, and 3.90 grade points average respectively.

The triplets received a total of 78,000 dollars in scholarships and earned acceptance to over 40 schools across the United States. The Hicks triplets defied the odds against their growth as they were born 13 weeks prematurely weighing less than two pounds.

Their mother, Sharnetta Hicks, shared their journey with CBS News Baltimore. She said she faced high risks during her pregnancy but despite that, she successfully gave birth to the triplets.

Sharnetta recalled a doctor telling her that she should have passed away within 24 hours of giving birth to her three children but she survived. She added that the triplets were so little that their father, Tony Hicks Sr.’s wedding ring could size their body.

She said initially, doctors predicted that both the triplets and her Sharnetta would not survive the night. But those predictions were thankfully wrong. “God be the glory … they all survived and everyone’s healthy,” Tony Hicks said.

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“You’re dealing with siblings who are very unique, they’re different. Everyone wants to lump them together but they all have their own needs. They all have their own set of passions, goals, and dreams,” Sharnetta said.

Tony Hicks said he is extremely proud of how much they had stayed strong and achieved great things as a family.

“Starting from 30 bottles a day, to 900 diapers a month, 900 bottles a month. To see them just grow up and mature and be individuals and independent and eager to obtain their college degrees, I’m extremely proud of the three of them,” he said.

The Hicks triplets said their achievement was courtesy of their parent who encouraged them to strive hard.

“Mom wants the best for all of us and taught us to want the best out of ourselves,” son Tony Hicks Jr. said. “They’ve told me stories about the struggles they’ve gone through and how my mom wasn’t able to finish college,” Sanai Hicks said.

But then she was able to go back, and she wanted us to push through, so I’m doing it for her, and I’m doing it for my dad because he wasn’t able to finish college,” she added.

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Sanai, one of the triplets, shared that she had two categories of dream schools in mind which are predominantly white institutions (PWIs) and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

She revealed that Duke University was her dream school in the PWI category, while Spelman was her dream school in the HBCU category.

However, the triplets, having a strong desire to stick together in the same city, decided that Morgan and Sanai would attend Spelman College, while Tony went across the street to Morehouse College.

The triplets said other schools were offering more financial assistance compared to Spelman and Morehouse. But to address the financial aspect, the family started a GoFundMe campaign.



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