Young African Lady graduates as a Medical Doctor from UK university with first-class, celebrates achievement

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Young African Lady graduates as a Medical Doctor from UK university with first-class, celebrates achievement


A brilliant young Lady from Ghana, Khadija Owusu has graduated outstandingly as a Medical Doctor from St George’s, the University of London, UK after earning a first-class Bachelor’s degree.

Khadija Owusu who graduated with the class of 2021 was also named as among the top 10 black students in the United Kingdom. She started her higher academic journey with a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Sciences with Immunity and Infections at St George’s, the University of London.

After securing an outstanding first-class in her Bachelor’s degree, she proceeded to enrol for a Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery in the same St George’s, the University of London.

Cumulatively, Khadija Owusu spent 6 years becoming a Medical Doctor. She described her journey as a dream being fulfilled. “In 2015, I started this 6-year journey. The dream I had since I was a little girl has finally come to fruition and I thank God for all His blessings,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

Khadija Owusu went on to clinch several awards. In 2021, she was a recipient of the Diana Award. She was also named among the Top UK Black Students and is a Rising Star in the UK Healthcare sector.

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She thanked her mother whom she said single-handedly raised 3 children including herself whilst working several jobs just to make sure they were all good. Speaking about her experience in school, she described her time as challenging yet stimulating.

“It was challenging yet stimulating, stressful at times but also enjoyable. I can honestly say I embodied what it means to follow your passions outside of medicine, and ‘live your best life’ whilst striving for academic excellence as I was one of the top 10% in class! It just goes to show that if you really want to, you can,” she said.





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