Young boy whose mother struggled to pay his school fees wins $50,000 scholarship to US university, set to become an Engineer

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Young boy whose mother struggled to pay his school fees wins $50,000 scholarship to US university, set to become an Engineer

A young boy named Joshua Alvarado whose mother struggled to pay his school fees has won a scholarship to study at any university of his choice in the United States.

Joshua Alvarado, a California teen is a senior at South Gate High School. He applied for the Edison International College Scholarship with the hope of lifting his mother’s burden.

Joshua was raised by a single parent after he lost his father at a very young age. Ever since then, His mother, Irene Rodriguez has been the one struggling by working extra hours to take care of him and his four other siblings.

Edison International, a utility company that sponsors South California kids to the university surprised Joshua with the 50,000 dollars college scholarship at the South Gate High School career day. His mom and siblings were there to witness the moment, which was a surprise for them too, and was a tearful moment for them.

“The first thing I saw was I saw he had the check. I said, ‘oh my God yes.’ I can’t believe it. I knew he had applied for it. But when one sees its real, I felt a lot of emotions,” Irene Rodriguez said.

Joshua said losing his father at a young age was a very challenging moment for his family as he had always been a provider. He added that since then, his mother took it upon herself to work hard and be the household’s source of income so they could all focus on their studies.

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“I think she’s an amazing woman for everything she does. Taking care of all five of us. All of us going to school, doing our own things and exploring our own interests and growing. But she’s there with us all the way,” Joshua said.

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Edison International said they recently just increased their scholarships to $50,000, and Joshua was of the 30 students across Southern California who benefited from it.  They added that the scholarship will allow these students to pursue their careers in science, math, technology, and engineering (STEM).

“Joshua is a representative of our well-deserving scholars, mostly from underrepresented communities. We want to give him the tools to continue to pursue STEM in college,” a spokesperson of Edison International, Diane Castro said.

Joshua said he will attend Stanford University, United States to study Mechanical Engineering with the hope of working at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) later in the future.





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