Young Lady bags PhD degree from University of Johannesburg, becomes first graduate in her family

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Young Lady bags PhD degree from University of Johannesburg, becomes first graduate in her family

A young lady named Boitumelo Nthwane had bagged a doctorate degree from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She is the first person in her family to earn both a bachelor’s and doctorate degrees.

Celebrating her achievement, Dr Boitumelo Nthwane shared a post on her Facebook to thank God and the University of Johannesburg for paving the way for her.

“To God be the glory!! On the 3rd of May, University of Johannesburg has given us an opportunity to cross the stage,” she shared.

Being the first to achieve academic success out of her 8 siblings, she expressed that her achievement has become a good example for her entire family.

“I was born in a family of 8, first to graduate with a degree, first to register for postgraduate and finally graduate with a PhD. I had to lead as an example.” she added.

Dr Boitumelo mentioned that the academic journey was not an easy hurdle, she had to work round the clock, with determination to be able to cross with ease and she was able to pull through. She said despite the challenges, she’s proud that her challenges are what pushed her to succeed.

“The journey was not easy, having worked diligently from AM to PM but with God’s strength i pulled through. i have been through a lot but today I wear a scars of honor to say my struggle has made me who i am today,” she said.

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Dr Boitumelo also said that her pursuing the doctorate degree was not because of the respect attached to it but she earned the degree to honor her calling.

“Pursuing this journey was not to be counted amongst the red gown gang but to honor my calling that I believe everyone has,” she said.

She advised young ones looking to earn a doctorate degree too, should believe in their dream.

“Chase your dream and believe in yourself,” she advised.





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