Young Lawyer bags first class in Law school examination, masters degree at University of Oxford

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Young Lawyer bags first class in Law school examination, masters degree at University of Oxford

A young Nigerian Lawyer named Yusuf Asamu Olaere who bagged first class in Nigerian Law School has successfully earned his master’s degree at the prestigious University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Yusuf graduated from the  University of Ibadan, Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree in law ( LL.B) with first-class honors after which he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School for a certificate of Law.

He graduated from Law School with first-class honors and emerged as the Overall Best Graduating Student of the Nigerian Law School for the 2019/2020 academic session with several awards including the Council of Legal Education Star Prize.

After Law school, Yusuf proceeded to the United Kingdom for his postgraduate studies. He shared his achievement of bagging his master’s degree in Law at the University of Oxford on his Linkedin.

Yusuf obtained a degree in Law and Finance (MLF). ”On Friday, 03 November 2023, I had the honor of donning the iconic Oxford mortarboard and gown as I walked through the hallowed halls of the Sheldonian Theatre at the University of Oxford to proudly receive my MSc. in Law and Finance,” he wrote.

He mentioned that the year he spent at Oxford University was filled with different challenges and hurdles. He stated that he had wanted to give up on the admission until someone offered him a full sponsorship through the school.

Yusuf said despite that he arrived three weeks late, making him miss crucial early lessons because of his late visa acceptance, he was able to meet up with the belief that he was strong and capable of overcoming any challenge.

He said he clung to perseverance, tenacity, and the grace of God to be able to pull through his challenges. He credited his Nigerian MLF community of five describing them as his immediate academic support system.

Yusuf stated that he also faced financial challenges but he was able to survive it through the GoFundMe created for him in Nigeria. He advised all those facing challenges and relentlessly pursuing their dreams, to remember that every obstacle is but a stepping stone toward their destination.

He added that they should embrace the journey, they will emerge stronger and wiser on the other side. Yusuf said he is preparing to embrace new beginnings and is excited with anticipation for what the future holds.


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