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The Mystery of Boston & 9/11 Prophecy from 1620

“And America has done much good. And there’s no shortage of nations far exceeding any of its faults or sins. But no nation in the modern world has ever been given so much. None has been so blessed. To whom much is given, much is required. If a nation so blessed by God should turn away from Him, what then? It’s blessing will be replaced with curses? Yes. And has America turned away from God? I asked. It has turned and is turning. How? In the same way Israel turned. It started with a spiritual complacency, then spiritual confusion, then the merging of God with idols and then, ultimately, the rejection of his ways. Just as with ancient Israel, America began ruling God out of its life, turning, step by step, against His ways, at first subtly and then more and more brazenly.”
― Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future

It still exists to this day and it has a name, its name is Boston.
Boston, the city of John Winthrop City on the hill. So think about the warning came from there.
Where did 9-11 begin Boston the city on the hill.
The reason I began writing books with the first book with a message that I shared here first was because I saw the same patterns and signs and warnings harbingers that appeared in the last days of Israel now appearing on American soil and everything that’s happened since, I mean, not just the signs but America itself, that’s all following the same pattern of judgment.
I was recently led during the lockdown to write the sequel to the Harbinger because I was, I had a strong sense when I prayed that this is gonna be 2020 was gonna be a year of great shaking.
And so I, I wrote it and so I haven’t talked about it because it all happened during the lockdown.
But there’s so much in that the harbinger to that I cannot get into now, but I want to mention just two things concerning and it’s not something that there are there are some things that are happening right now prophetic, but something from a little while ago, but it relates to what I just said, what we just opened up.
I spoke of the prophetic warning embedded by John Winthrop in Massachusetts Bay.
And that he got his warning, his word, his promise, and the warning from Moses, from Deuteronomy, specifically from Deuteronomy 28 that says if you are black, you follow God.
Here are the blessings, you turn away. Here’s what’s gonna happen to the nation comes a warning.
Now, now, one of the patterns of biblical judgment, national judgment is that years before the actual judgment of the nation, There comes a shaking a wake up call.
It comes in the form of an enemy strike that comes shakes the land.

God has called them the land back and then they are given a space of years however long to come back to God.
Now it happened. America got its shaking on 9.11. Same pattern, same thing.
Now, every Sabbath day, every once a week, there is an appointed word in all the synagogues of the world where they open up the scrolls and there’s a word appointed from ages past that is appointed for that day, that week.
And in America, there are many Jewish people in New York City has more Jewish people than anywhere else.
So all over New York City, they were opening up to this, the days that were leading up to 9 11.
Just before 9 11, they opened up the scrolls.
There was a word appointed from ancient times from ages past two for that time that led into 9 11.
What was it? It was the word of Moses from Deuteronomy, from Deuteronomy 28.
The exact exact source that John Winthrop gave to warn America do not turn away from God.
What does it say? It was appointed for the day that led into the 9 11?
It tells of what happens if you turn away from God, all the blessings you had, you’re gonna lose them.
No one. But it says specifically, an enemy will come from a far away land and strike the nation in its gate.
America’s gate is New York City. It says he will speak a language you don’t understand.
He will be of fierce countenance. He will show no compassion to the older.
The young, a rain of dust will come upon you in the middle of the day, you will grope like blind men.
The enemy will strike you as an eagle flying from the sky.
The Hebrew word specifically says an eagle swooping down every single plane came like that.
On 9 11, the enemy came as an eagle swooping on the land, everyone.
And they there was an and on the very plain that began 9 11, it was carrying a symbol and the symbol was an image of an eagle swooping down the same biblical sign of judgment that came from the same scripture that was appointed to usher in 9 11.
And from which John Winthrop gave the warning one more thing to share before we bring this to where we are from.

From the Harbinger to when John Winthrop spoke of the city on the hill. It wasn’t just America.
I mean, it was America. That was the big picture, but there was an actual city that he founded himself and then became its first governor.
It was the capital of Massachusetts Bay. It was his city on a hill.
It still exists to this day and it has a name, its name is Boston.
Boston, the city of John Winthrop City on the hill. So think about the warning came from there.
Where did 9 11 begin? Boston?
The city on the hill, the planes took off from the city on the hill, the city of John Winthrop who gave the warning.
But there’s more, John Winthrop had his own land, it was an eye.
He had an island, an island off the coast of Boston on that island.
He lived for parts of the year he planted a vineyard.
He prayed for the new civilization, he could see Boston and and America. He would pray.
John Winthrop was the first governor of Boston. So the the island was called Governors Island.
It was Winthrop’s Island. What happened to the island of John Winthrop in the 20th century, it became an airport, Logan airport.
The very ground from which 9 11 began, they took off from the ground of John Winthrop who gave the warning, don’t fall away from God.
On the same week when the very scripture he used was being proclaimed throughout New York City.
The enemy saying an enemy will come like an eagle.
What happens next in the case of Ancient Israel after that first warning, instead of turning back to God, the nation hardened itself, turned all the more away from God.
It’s apostasy accelerated. We are watching the same exact thing since 9 11.
You people thought, well, 9 11 people will come back to God.
Well, they rushed to the churches for three weeks.
They rushed and said, God bless America, but there was no repentance, no turning.
If you don’t turn, there’s no revival.
And so instead of getting, getting better, we got worse, it’s become now a free fall.
Where does it end? It doesn’t end well. The template ends with judgment with the fall of a nation.
Is there hope. Yes. As long as there’s God, there’s hope, but the only hope America has is revival and that’s why we have to pray for it fervently more than ever before.
Now, let’s take this home to America and beyond America. What does it reveal? Think about it.
If a civilization that was dedicated to God, to the glory of the name of Jesus to spread salvation could become what it is now at war with God at war with his word at war with his ways.
Then we must take warning. It happened to a nation. It has happened to churches.
It has happened to denominations that once gave glory to God.
Now they embrace a war against God and bless it. See, it’s man’s nature to fall.
It’s God’s nature to rise. We have to be on guard that it never happens to us.
America started out passionately for God to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.
Now, what is it spread to the ends of the earth by officially it spreads well, both it spreads pornography to the world.
It spreads sexual immorality to the world. It spreads the destruction of gender to the world.
It spreads the killing of Children to the world and even nations that are saying you used to be America was the light.
Now saying keep this away from us.
Now in war is beginning to war against the very people like you who are seeking to do what America was called to do from the beginning.
So what’s the warning you can start out dedicated to God?
But if you, you gotta be careful because you can lose sight.
You can begin serving other gods and idols without realizing it, money, success, prosperity, you know yourself and not even realize it.
You can forget the purpose of your own life, your own salvation, you can lose your first love, forget why you’re here.
There’s so many churches that have forgotten why they’re here.
But people too, by getting so involved, you get so busy, you forget God gets out. You lose the fire.
You still give the name but the fire, you can grow cold and not realize it. It can happen gradually.
So you don’t even realize it. Could that be you in some way. Is there some way?
Even if you can’t just dedicate your life to the Lord, once you need to rededicate it every day, re consecrate every day, seek them every day, renew your love every day, every day, continually.
Lord, I want more of you. I want more.
I want more live in your, I want to live in your power. I wanna live in your holiness.
I will live in your will to live in your spirit more. I want to be filled with you.
I wanna be on fire and love.
What else does it tell you if a nation of culture or civilization is falling away?
If you are plugged into that culture, you will fall to.
If you’re living off the culture of a nation that is, that is warning of God and falling.
You’re putting yourself and your, you’re putting your family, you’re putting yourself at risk.
If you are taking part in, in its ways, if you’re not standing, if you’re taking part in its an entertainments, I’m not saying all entertainment as well.
I’m not saying that all but I’m saying you need to watch it because it’s getting more and more end times and you have to draw the line in the sand.
Say no, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord come.
What may whatever happens, we will pay the price. We were watching something with our family last night.
You know, it’s like an innocuous little funny movie. And I said we got to turn this thing off.
This is, this is, you start going more and more off.
You have to draw that and you see, it’s one thing to follow God when it’s easy, but there’s a time when you’re gonna have to draw that line.
If you don’t do it now, you’re either gonna be pulled this way that way because the gray is disappearing.
So if a nation so you, you have to, the Bible says come out of her.
Now, I’m not saying come out of her, meaning come out of the systems of sin. That’s not you yet.
We love what America was. We love for the good of it.
We love the good of it, but we have to have no part in the bad of it.
Come out of her. You must be separate so that you could separate from her so you can be a light unto her.
You can’t be a light if you’re joined in, in it, take your stand, you gotta be like the profits.
Now you gonna be like Elijah now like Jeremiah now stand in the gap. They interceded for their people.
Daniel interested that they didn’t just say hey them and we’re accusing them, they said we have Lord, we we stand in the gap, feel for them.
God still his promises good. If my people who are called by, my name will humble themselves.
You and, and seek my face and pray and turn from their evil ways. I’ll hear from heaven.
I will forgive their sin. I will heal their land. Starts with the repentance of us.
Revival can only spread to America. If revival has spread to us, we must commit.
I’ve said it before but take it as if I said it for the first time, we must commit to revival for our own lives living all out on fire.
Lord, whatever is not of God’s will put it out. Start today.
Hi, I’m Jonathan Cahn and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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