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Having A False Sense Of Grace

Well, listen, having a false sense of grace is something that actually is a pandemic, truly it is because you can believe that you’re okay with God and God is loving and God is kind and God is good and it’s true, he’s all of those things.
But without repentance from sin, without understanding what it is that God has delivered you from what cost it was to him to go to the cross.
Then listen friend, you can be under a false sense of grace.
In fact, listen to what jesus has to say.
He says, if anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself take up his cross daily and follow me for whoever desires to save his life, we’ll lose it.
Listen to this, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it for what profit is it to a man.
If he gains the whole world and winds up losing his own soul, that’s a cost.
My dear friend, listen, what cost God Everything cannot be cheap and what you don’t want to be under is a false sense of grace, understand it, God’s grace is precious, you must have it, but just know it cost him everything.
I’m gonna be talking about the awareness of God’s grace in your life, not to overlook the sins of your life.
A lot of people live in a false sense of grace.
Oh, I’m a christian, I can do this, you know from time to time, I can do this.
Don’t worry God’s Grace will take care of it.
I just put in a modern day language what paul is speaking to the romans 2000 years ago.
Be aware of any religion that says I can send monday and get it forgiven On Wednesday.
That is anti no mechanism. It’s condemned by God.
And it’s a manifestation of the proof that the Holy Spirit is not present in someone’s life.
The Holy Spirit will never say to you go sin tomorrow and I’ll forgive you thursday.
That’s not a true believers life. You say Jack, you kind of sound legalistic.
No, I’m not at all. Because you know what, I’m heading in the direction of absolute liberty and freedom.
The challenges. Will you recognize it when you see it.
God’s grace is not to overlook our sins when we send them. When we commit them as though they’re nothing.
God’s grace is given to us, whereby we get control and dominance over those sins.
It doesn’t mean we become sinless, but I’d like to put it this way.
It’s, it happens that as we walk with God, we become one who sins less, but you’ll never be sinless.
Not until you drop dead. And then the reason why you’re sinless at that point because you’ve been redeemed by the blood of the lamb, right?

Amen across the christ. And the only thing that’s messing with us right now is our bodies think about that.
I mean every christian that’s in the house, you desire to live a life that fully pleases God.
The problem is this carcass gets in the way right?
And first Chronicles Chapter four verse nine First Chronicles 49 the bible says there was a man named Jabez.
I love this guy who was more honorable than any of his brothers and his mother named him Jabez because his birth had been so painful.
He was the son who prayed to the God of Israel and this is his prayer and I’m going to encourage all of you to pray this prayer.
I pray this prayer Oh that you would bless me and expand my territory.
That were territory in Hebrew means coastline area presence influence.
There’s a lot of words today about, are you an influencer? Do you want to be an influencer?
Pick our influencers? Course you want to be an influencer. Follow God with all your heart.
Jabez found that out 3000 years ago. Hey, you know what God? Here’s the deal. My name means pain.
My mom named me painter, one who causes pain but all that you would bless me and expand my territory.
Please be with me and all that I do And keep here it is keep me from all trouble and pain.
That’s a prayer in the bible. And the bible says that God granted him his request.
Now listen, there’s gonna be troubles in life.
This is not a prayer like quick, quick pull the J best prayer.
So we don’t have to go through anything that’s not, that’s not what we’re talking about.
We’re talking about going through the troubles of life and God’s favor being upon you that you go through them and you’re a great witness for the kingdom of God.
The things that God has presided over in your life, God can turn around and news this morning.
I was asked on a live news program tv out of new york on Newsmax.
They asked me why do bad things happen to good people? Why do bad things happen at all?
And I gave them the gospel answer, Jesus said, I’ve come to give you an abundant life that you might live and that you might enjoy life, but the enemy has come to rob you, kill you and destroy you.
So we need to put blame where blame is due and that’s on satan God wants you to be one who experiences his blessing.
But we live in a fallen world so that in the midst of all trouble, we can look to God, I’m so happy that this earth is not our heaven, this earth is not our home.
We’re going home someday. But this is not it hallelujah for that.
But as we look at this market down, if you would church, it’s so important is that his grace enslaves us to his freedom.

I wrote that right. That’s exactly what I want to say.
His grace enslaves us to his freedom right now.
You are enslaved, Every single one of us are enslaved right now to something or someone, you know, people will say oh you christians, you know, you got your little bible and jesus, your crutch.
I’m insulted when people say that because that is a terrible thing to call jesus as a crutch.
Jesus is a wheelchair, he is an E. R.
He is the hospital, he’s the rehab center, jesus is everything. He’s no crutch.
Listen, jim beam or or snorting coke might be a crutch. Jesus is no crutch. Are you kidding?
No, throw your life upon him, get into the hospital of God and watch what he does.
He doesn’t just heal people up. He absolutely transforms them. It’s incredible.
And so what I’m talking about is you and I be enslaved to his freedom to be bound to him.
Look at verse 15, it says, what then shall we sin? Because we are not under law.
This is a beautiful sarcasm of the apostle.
So what because we’re not under the law, we just send it up.
Are we to be those practicing this anti communism and action? He says, certainly not.
The word means perish the thought, strike it from your mind. That’s a horrible thing to be saying.
So he goes after the one who’s being um an opponent to the grace of God, He would be seen.
Absolutely, positively no way. He’s saying to the christian, how can you possibly think like that.
If listen, are you guys listening? If the holy spirit is in you, you can’t think like that.
So I mean this christian thing sounds pretty cool.
You mean I can become a christian and then set up a storm and ask God to forgive me, the Holy Spirit would never let you think that way.
You know, I love about what we’re talking about this shatters the habitual practice of religious activity and God just makes the deep dive right into your soul and says, here’s what we’re gonna do.
We’re not gonna do anything right now with the externals because I’m the God of eternal life.
I’m diving deep into your soul and you’re not gonna fix yourself from the outside and you’re not gonna go to a course for this, there’s no app for that.
I’m moving inside of you, the Holy Spirit at the moment of you believe in and what the son of God did at the cross and I’m gonna transform you by my power from the inside out.
That’s why christians can’t get figured out by people, they don’t understand it.
They see a life being transformed and listen. But the great thing is it’s not so much overnight.
I mean there’s some stuff that God remember when we accepted the Lord, there’s some stuff that had to stop that night, right and he stopped them and then there’s other things throughout your life that he’s been working on, that’s what he does.
But I’m talking about him transforming us transformation transformation in my opinion is the missing link today and so called Christianity that we see, we see some sort of a weak, powerless christian experience a weak, powerless Christianity.
I grew up under a pastor who was just so rock solid pastor chuck smith.
He would say, I don’t care how much how high you can jump in the air and shout as a christian.
I care about how straight you walk after you land. And that’s called holiness.
By the way young people today listen holiness.
I was so blessed yesterday I got stopped in a mall by two teenagers.
I mean I’m absolutely old enough to be their grandpa and I really feel good about myself after that.
No, I feel good about the Lord using a ding dong like me.
These two kids came up to me and they just said, we listen to your podcast all the time and I’m thinking, am I me really well.
Then the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and said, it’s not you knucklehead, It’s my word.
Let’s keep things in perspective, Jack, OK, this is Jack, this is God.
But how does an old man touch young people to walk with God?
The holy spirit and he does it on the inside, outwardly not outwardly on the inside And we become enslaved to his freedom.
He sets us free verse 16 says, do you not know that to whom you present yourselves?
Speaking of your body, slaves to obey you are that one’s slave whom you obey.
Weather watch this number one whether of sin leading to death.
And if we’re all honest, we know that sin leads to death.
First of all, general sent this world is sold under sin by rebellion.
Okay, even when a little baby is suffering, that little baby committed no sins. Why is the baby suffering?
Because Adam and Eve sinned right. That that is in our spiritual D. N. A.
And it’s tragic. But I might add to you. It’s only for a season.
I know it hurts bad. I know it hurts terrible when you kiss your daughter at or son in that hospital room not knowing if they’ll be alive tomorrow morning.
As you sit there in the night, I remember our daughter at eight months.
They told they told us she’s got less than a 50% chance to live.
And they quarantined her at ST jude’s for eight days.
And we just sat there, we took shifts and there comes some point and some moment where you go from, please God, please God, please God.
You know I’m talking about to where you where I think God accomplishes what he wants to accomplish.
And that is Lord wait a minute. You made her. You gave her to us. She’s yours.
And the moment when that happens, there is an enslavement to his freedom.
That is beyond human words and description. I can’t write a book about it.
I can’t preach about it. It’s got to be experienced.
And I believe that every true child of God will go through that crisis moment of faith where you release God’s got it from here, transformation.
And the second thing is that there’s obedience that leads to righteousness.
We get all scared about the word righteousness. It’s unfortunate our day and age because we need it.
The most people know none of us want to be labeled self righteous.
So we so push away from the word righteous and we make it so fantastic that we won’t even study it.
The word righteous or righteousness means that we live and act like jesus, it simply means to do the right thing.
Do you not know what the right thing is to do? Think about it right now.
There’s huge talk and battling taking place over. Is it right or wrong to terminate a pregnancy?
Now you might say, well, I believe it’s a woman’s right to choose.
I don’t think that’s the question.
That question lends itself in the under the parameters of timing.
Now, seeing how I’ve been put in instagram time out in prison.
So I might as well just go for the whole rest of the thing.
If you were not a believer in God at all, let’s just take the bible off the table.
Forget about it. Let’s just talk about Pure Biology. You can’t ditch that because you’re human right now.
Can you hear me? It’s because you’re human. Just Pure Chemistry.
Pure Biology announces to us that when a male and a female, when this body part explores this body part Biology happens.
And the living sperm crashes with a living egg and someone’s alive.
Something frank. It’s it’s alive and it is alive but it’s so small.
So since when does smallest have anything to do with its value?
Look, if you take that kind of approach, Shaquille O’neal can look at everyone of us and say, you know what?
You’re not valuable to me, you’re too little. You’re only six ft.
You know what I’m saying, God says I made you in the womb when nobody could see I made you.
So right now there’s a big battle and here’s the deal. Listen, people choose to have sex.
They know full well if I have sex right now I could get pregnant. That’s the choice.
The choice was made. I am for choice. Listen God’s pro choice. He says choose life and live.
I’m pro choice. But listen, there’s a ramification and there’s parameters, oh listen, some people are not gonna like this.

There’s a parameter based on science that decisions are made.
And listen, once you press the button and the rocket goes up, guess what? It’s going up.
You’re going to mars can you imagine being on a moon launch and saying, you know, I think I want out.
They’re not gonna let you out.
The decision has been made once the decision is made, what do you want to do?
I want to go back on my decision. I don’t want to be hindered or encumbered by this problem.
And so now I want to kill this child. Listen, that’s why God invented adoption. Let the baby live.
But don’t kill thou shalt not murder says the bible. He said, well that’s what the bible says.
Listen, show me in science where Science X terminates what it stands for. It doesn’t happen.
And so when we do the wrong thing, it leads to death.
When we do the right thing, it leads to righteousness simply doing the right thing.
And God does that by transforming us.
There’s a lot of things going on today.
And I was thinking so I hope I say this right Leonardo da Vinci said one can have no smaller or greater mastery than the mastery of oneself.
That’s a great statement. Looks awesome on a plaque. But you know, it’s impossible.
We have no power to control ourselves. That’s why there’s New Year’s resolutions.
The bible says you have to be transformed.
But you know what? When you reject God, When you’re a culture that rejects God, you don’t say transformed.
You say we need to be trans humans, right?
This this movement that scientists are telling us that we may reach at about 2035 2040 where we will will be trans humans, where we will be human.
But we will have our phones in our the cloud will be actually implanted in our skin.
We will be wired and we will have accelerated thought.
So you stop and ask the question why do you want to be trans human?
Because we’ll have the internet in our brain in the second, wow. Is that good?
Let’s say they succeed in that. Still not gonna transform your soul, right?
And because people have rejected God and they’re not enjoying what it is to live for. Why you were created.
People want to be transgendered. And my heart breaks because when you study why these people are going through this, there’s a lot of baggage that leads them to this conclusion.
But if you stop and ask them, why are you why are you thinking about this?
The strip away all of the, all of the smokescreens. The bottom line is, I’m not happy with myself.
That’s the answer. I want to be somebody else.
You wanna you wanna know why you want to be somebody else.
It’s because you haven’t found the person who you’re supposed to be God made you to be someone and you’ve not found him yet.
Don’t talk to me about religion. I’m not talking to you about religion.
Look, my truck is is idling rough.
It needs to go into the shop.
The computer says on the screen, jak how long are you gonna wait before you take it in.
You got to take it in, got to take it in and they’ll take it and they’re gonna plug it in and listen, I’m not gonna take that to a lawnmower shop, right?
You take it to where it came from. Why?
Because the creator of it knows what to do with it.
You’ve been created by God.
The bible says what you claim not to believe in that you were made in the image of God.
So I’m just asking you, why don’t you take yourself back to your creator and watch him transform you?
Because the way that you’re going about it ain’t gonna work. You’re still gonna be hurt inside.
You’re still gonna have hopelessness. I might even get worse because you’re gonna think that’s going to change you.
But then when you wake up to the realization that didn’t change you now, what are you gonna do?
You’re gonna do what we’re seeing on the news now, I want to change back.
And you can listen, you need a heart change on the inside and you might be here today?
And you’re the big man in the corner office, smoking your cigar and counting your money.
And you’re saying, yeah, you tell it, pastor, wait a minute. What about you? Have you been transformed?
I don’t need that. I’ve got billions billions of bricks tied around your feet pulling you down.
We need to be transformed.
So what about your life personally?
You know, it’s it’s an amazing world we live in because we have no problem texting one another or posting social media comments because, you know, we’re this community, right?
But what about this community we’re in. How about this?
We are in this community called humanity and according to the bible, we need the grace of God and we need it correctly and we need to understand it rightly.
So for all of us, are you in the community of God’s family?
It seems like our world right now is so absolutely divided.
Somebody would say, well, you know, America is so divided.
Listen, it’s not that America is divided, The world is divided right now.
This has just been the outcropping I believe of a world that has become so narcissistic and so self centered that we have so looked inside and we have not liked what we’ve seen that we now want to talk about change this kind of change, that kind of change all kinds of changes.
God’s word tells us, first of all, that God never changes.
And that’s a good word for us because he’s the one that promises us that transformation, not change.
We’re not interested in change. Changes, fleeting changes, momentary, but a transformation what God can do to you if you’ll let him trust me friend, that’s what you really want.
You want to give him your life.
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