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We are gonna stand to read the word in a moment, but this portion of scripture requires introduction.
And so you can get ready by turning your bibles to hebrews chapter four and we’ll be in verses 14, 15 and 16, eventually will be in verses 14, 15 and 16 we’re looking at now, listen, we’re looking at a little mini series right here in this portion of scripture.
It’s extremely important, as you’ll see in a moment.
But the title of this, I don’t mean to offend anybody, but you’ll see where we’re going to be going eventually on this.
The title is No Pastor Priest, Pope or King.
I’m actually gonna ask you to write that down in your note taking and there’s no paper right in front of the seat that’s in front of you.
No Pastor Priest, Pope or King. We’re looking at Hebrews chapter four, verses 14 to 16.
And before we dive into those wonderful verses, I want to point out the fact that throughout the entire bible church, that there’s several encounters recorded in scripture, where God allows himself, the Lord allows himself to be experienced by mortal man in very, very unique ways.
Now, you guys know as students of the bible that the scripture says that we cannot look upon God and live.
You know that the bible says that moses got the closest, if you think about it when it comes to the rawness of the nature of God.

Um God is God is a spirit being God is um C. S.
Lewis was the first one to crack open this statement that just really causes you to pause and to almost I think in a healthy way, step back as it were away from the presence of God for sheer awe.
And it’s C. S. Lewis that said when you consider the person of God and his nature, you would be better to consider him as a mind rather than anything else.
Now you think about that for a moment. I didn’t say brain, there’s a big difference.
Brain weighs about £8.5 at least. Yours does mines at about 6.2.
I think the brain the brain is this fleshy thing, odd, strange mysterious to this very moment apparatus that there’s nothing like it in the known universe by the way.
Either in micro or invest deep space, nothing compares nothing.
And yet the mind, where is the mind in relation to the brain? Is it, is it through the brain?
Is it is it around the brain? Is it is it in the the canals?
Is it in the, we don’t know for those of you who are evolutionists, this is the big stumper is you can say all you want about you know we we eventually rubbed this irritation on our face and we got an eye and then we decided to do it on this side and got another eye and we we changed in our feathers for flippers and then got hands whatever your story is.
You know, here’s the thing that just puts evolution dead in its tracks.
Stop is the human consciousness.
And the most fascinating thing is to actually study the moments of death of a human being.
Because what leaves them, which is fascinating. If you think about it, what leaves them is their consciousness.
Their bladder doesn’t go anywhere. Their brain doesn’t go anywhere. Listen, their their stomach doesn’t go anywhere, They’re dead.
Why are they dead? The physical nous of them stopped.
But the ethereal part, the spiritual entity of who we are, is in our consciousness.
And there’s no place where you can find that in the human body. Apart from the things of the spirit.
We just need to stop long enough to ponder these things. It’s fascinating.
But think about it, wrote down some names about those to whom God allowed special experiences with.
So think about for a moment, if you know your bible, Abraham God spoke to Abraham God, listen.
Abraham heard God speak. I mean, I don’t know about you that freaked me out.
Can you imagine what does his voice sound like?
My question is, is his voice, I assume it is, but is his voice consistent when he spoke to Abraham?
Is it the same? Is it the same voice that spoke to moses or Samuel? Yes, good.
Whoever Isaiah, is it the same? I’m assuming it is the same. He’s he’s he’s a person.
He has a personality, which by the way, that’s why you’re a person.
And you have personality because you’ve been creating the image of God are you with me?
So when you think about God, you think about not the physical structure, but God is spirit and he’s apart from all other claims of deities known to humanity.
But when he spoke to Abraham, he allowed himself to be in the vicinity as it were of Abraham.
And then of course, moses, as I mentioned earlier, God got so close to moses.
It’s the cutest thing, in my opinion, it’s awesome that moses moses says, if I could see your glory, what a what a prayer request.

Can I see your glory?
And God could have said, like he always said, nobody can look on me and live moses.
If you see me, you to fry your brains out, you’ll you’ll be vaporized.
You know, God did God worked out a problem? Of course, no problem to God.
But God, the bible says that God had moses go into a crack of a rock.
So where this big rock, there’s a crack and moses goes inside this crack and he’s hiding like hide and seek.
And how does this work? So imagine this is moses right there, see this is moses.
God goes like this. So here’s the person of God and the bible tells us that moses you can’t see me and live.
But I’ll tell you what I’ll let you get as close to this experience as you possibly can, I will, I will let you see the atmosphere of where I just walked through when I passed by I will let you see my presence, the disturbance that my presence makes in the atmosphere where you live the air that you breathe, you know, moses so you ready?
So okay so here’s the deal.
And the bible says that God put out his hand and covered moses.
And then God went by and then took his hand away and moses didn’t see God.
But he saw the atmosphere where God had just passed through and it was so awesome that moses face had some form of physical transformation moses face because you know assuming his robot and stuff.
But it says that his face um Well I mean he got a S. O. N. Burn.
I love he got a sunburn.
The bible says that moses his face illuminated.
And so he put a covering over his head you can think of moses with a head cut, he’s got Halloween moses comes in, he’s gotta beg on his head and he comes down the mountain so that the Children of Israel would not see the glory of God’s presence on moses face waning hello waning.
He when he was in God’s presence he was illuminated and then by the time he got down to the mountain base uh he wasn’t a shiny and there’s a message in that for all of us stay close to God and shine in this world.
Right? Think about that. And um and so I think about that experience, I think about Joshua moses, assistant Joshua, uh Joshua, the bible tells us and and we’ll read it here in a moment, Joshua encountered the Lord in a way that God often manifest manifested himself to mankind and I’ll point it out in a, in a moment in scripture.
You guys remember my Noah, who remembers my Noah, remember he had a son, his son was a real pain.
Noah had a boy and his name was Samson.
He was one of the judges of Israel and the Lord appears unto me.
Noah and his wife, the future mom and dad of Samson and the Lord says you’re gonna have a baby and God gives the criteria about how to raise this kid and all.
And it’s cute because Minoan turns his wife and says he says, honey, God just appeared and said that he’s gonna do all this stuff.
The problem is we just we just saw the Lord, we’re gonna die.
I mean it’s a totally conflicting story, but that’s how he interpreted is God wants to do something with us, but we just saw God, so we’re going to die, just sit down and die.
But God had a plan.
In fact she, you know, leave it up to her, she she basically lets him know, I don’t think God’s gonna kill us if he’s got a plan.

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How much house insurance should i be paying

So I think we’re gonna survive this and find out what God has for us and they wound up having um one of the great judges of Israel who we know as Samson sadly were often caught up in his escapades.
He had uh quite an intense sex drive, it appears he liked girls a lot, got himself in trouble, a lot loved to fight.
Um but God used them and it’s it’s interesting because God picks interesting people to do interesting things.
I saw, I saw a poll yesterday and the poll among all the candidates that are running for office, who’s who’s the most famous candidate?
And this poll, and it’s funny because uh the overwhelming winner of who’s who’s the most, oh that’s the that was the question, who’s the most most popular politician that comes to your mind and uh and it was trump and it’s like trump, I mean, when’s the last time you heard from him, has he even canceled from everything right?
He can’t tweet, he can’t nothing. And but look what God did with him.
Uh and you never listen, you might have had trump, you might you might have worked for donald trump because he was obviously he is a tremendous businessman, you might want to have gone into business with him because you’re gonna make a lot of money, um but who would have picked him out of the crowd to say, you know what, during your presidency, you’re gonna cause these things to happen in the world.
Uh, and you’re also gonna be one who, that, that winds up defending the unborn child in America, like no previous president and who would have thought of that?
You didn’t see that coming? I didn’t see it coming.
So God uses strange, interesting people and so I hope you and I qualify to be used by God.
Of course this one you would expect and he’s a, he’s a mentor to any young young man or young people period.
And that’s Daniel. You have to study, you have to do a biographical study on Daniel, who he was, where he was born.
How old was he? Why?
Why Daniel and Daniel had such a close relationship with God that God revealed to him secrets that were written down in the book of Daniel that would come into play.
The bible says in the last days, God told Daniel after I’ve given you all these 12 chapters, you can just seal up the book Daniel because nobody’s gonna understand a word about it until the end of time and then people will know and now the book of Daniel is the key to understanding end times prophecy.
What about Isaiah, Isaiah. Chapter six tells us that in the year that King Josiah died, I saw the Lord High and lifted up in his train or his glory filled the temple.
And when the temple was filled, it was filled with the glory of God, the smoke or the glory of God, the Stickina Glory of God and the and the Seraphim fell down and bowed and said, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty, the whole earth is full of And Isaiah said, when I saw that the temple, the pillars of the temple were shaking at the presence of God and Isaiah fell on his face and he says, woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips.
And at that he saw the Angel move swiftly to the altar of God and with tongs picks up a coal from off the altar, burning coal glowing hot.
And Isaiah stands there and that angel comes over and places the burning coal on his tongue and the angel says, behold the sins are forgiven and then iniquity is taken away from you and from that moment on Isaiah was commissioned by God and he’s known as the Evangelical prophet of the old testament.
There are more quotes of the book of Isaiah in the new testament than any other book of the bible.
And there’s more of Isaiah quoted in the Four gospels than any other book of the bible.
Remarkable encounter with God. What about the man Ezekiel Ezekiel?
Um Mhm I don’t even know how to Ezekiel encounters with God puzzles people to this day, we still don’t get it.
I could, we could go through the Book of Ezekiel right now, we’re describing his encounter with God and you don’t leave.
We all leave confused, not confused because we, because God wants us confused.
It’s a confused because our imagination can’t go that far.
When, when, when some sort of an angel appears, you know, there’s many types of angels.
Are you guys with me? I need some encouragement here, so make sure you’re breathing when there are angels of different ranks and different orders.
There’s, there’s angels, um there are Cherubim there, Seraphim, there are various angels and they have various functions and archangels, that’s one of them.
But this one particular type of angel that Ezekiel sees, he sees, he sees them having wings.
He said, what’s wrong with that wing?
You know, the bible says that instead of feathers, the wings are covered in eyes.
I like eyeball, not the letter I eyes.
Now you sit on that for a moment, you just ponder that this this thing comes flying up with a zillion.
Eyes on it. Okay, I went out think of it and then another one, these Seraphim that stand before the throne of God.
They have six wings, three cents six. The bible says that they use them.
But when they come into the presence of God, they take one set of wings and they cover their body before they come into the presence of God.
Imagine that they cover their body, they’re going into the presence of God and then they take the other two sets of wings and they cover their face in the presence of God and with the two remaining wings, they fly in his presence and here’s, here’s the kicker.
They each have one head but four faces.
They have a face on each side of their heads And each of the four faces Are literally the announcement of the four gospels.
I haven’t even touched my notes yet.
This is absolutely, let’s just, let’s just, let’s just, we’ll we’ll do this next time.
Let’s just keep going on this.
Okay, well just um and let’s pray for mercy Right now Lord, we pray, we pray right now even tonight that before this service is over a decision would be made for jesus that we would worship you in spirit and in truth and Lord, this is most certainly the strangest introduction to one of our studies ever.
But Lord, you’re in this, I can tell in jesus name and all God’s people said amen.
So these these these Beans are before the Lord with four faces and the bible tells us that one of their faces is the face of a man, a human resembles a human.
It’s a man when he saw it when the prophets of old saw and when john in the book of revelation saw these beings, there’s a face of a man on one part of that head and on the other side there’s a face of an ox and on the other side there’s a face of an eagle eagle.
Think of an ego right now the face of an eagle an eagle no matter what an eagle is terrifying to look at face to face.
Have you ever looked at it and you ever gone to the zoo?
You ever been somewhere where there’s an eagle? It’s intimidating.
They look at you go you ought to check it out just like google not now later google an image of a bald eagle and look right at it when it’s looking at you.
You kind of feel like um I mean it just stares you down.
It’s it’s absolutely insane. It’s so intense and the bible says that one of those angels faces is an eagle and on the other side the remaining side is the face of a lion.
How does this look? We’re gonna, by the way you’re gonna christian you’re gonna see these.
You listen I’m don’t I know don’t worry listen your 401401 K. I know it’s gone.
Our mine’s gone too. We don’t need it where we’re going you can’t spend it there.
We’ve got John 3 16 we don’t need a 401.
So here’s what’s cool about it. Um Matthew’s Gospel.
Matthew’s Gospel is written to the jewish people don’t know if you know that or not and by the way the best of Matthew’s Gospel is yet to come.
You want to know why the jewish people who read Matthew’s Gospel today, They’ll read it in secret because they’re not allowed to read it.
I don’t know if you know they’re not they’re not allowed to read it.
The rabbi said you can’t read it, but the guy’s name is Matthew Levi, he’s a jew.
Matthew Levy, that’s his name. Did you know that? Can’t read him?
No read if that’s why the genealogies are in Matthew the way that they are only a jew appreciates those genealogies because to them and they make perfect sense.
You know when you read it and you’re just you’re a gentile like me and you’re like going this guy beget that guy and this guy and those names and it’s like, what is this?
Listen if you’re jewish, you’re like one Matthew presents jesus christ as king in Matthew’s gospel, jesus is called king of the jews and a lion.
He’s also referred to Matthew as the lion of the tribe of Judah Lion, the lion face on the on the angel and in luke’s gospel, I think you’ll get this one rather quickly luke is the only gentile writer of the, of the four Gospels luke was a gentile.
A lot of people believe that there’s other contributors to the Gospel of luke. I don’t think so.
I think luke is writing. Exactly luke’s the one the writing, he’s wrote the book of Acts in your bible and he wrote the book of luke and luke is a physician, you know, in those days physicians.
How’d you like to have this comeback? Doctors? Medical doctors were the slaves of rich people.
Now think about that if you weren’t rich, you probably, I don’t know if there was like you went to Kaiser went back in those days but rich people have their own doctors.
And luke was some rich guy’s doctor who gave or not gave but loaned or commissioned luke to travel with paul because paul had so many health problems in the bible, luke was always with paul.
and Luke is the one who calls jesus the son of man looks the gospel that represents jesus to us as man, the perfect man.
And so you look at the lion representing the kingdom.
Matthew, you look at luke, the man’s face the son of man. What’s left? What’s next? Matthew, Mark.
Matthew, I’m sorry. Matthew. Mark. Mark luke is the man. So opposing sides.
Mark is the shortest gospel with the most miracles recorded.
And jesus is the doer in Mark’s Gospel. He’s always doing something. He’s always doing something.
And what is it that he’s doing? He’s raising the dead.
He’s opening the eyes of the blind, he’s cleansing the lepers. He’s healing the sick.
He’s doing all of these things. Are you hearing me and jesus is servant.
He’s the servant of the Lord in Mark’s gospel. The servant of the lord.
Thus the ox, the ox was the beast or the animal of burden of doing.
And then there’s one left and that’s john and john’s entire message from cover to cover in the gospel of john is that jesus is God, His deity in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God.
And so with that throughout the old testament, when God says, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna rescue you.
Don’t, don’t give up. Um if you get weary, I will come and bear you up on eagles wings.
And the face of this angel is one of it, eagles face the representation of the presence of God in heaven.
And so these incredible manifestations, one more I have written down and that is someone we don’t often talk about.
I kind of think we do this in injustice a little or do her an injustice because we, we have the pendulum swing so far.
The other way, if we’ve escaped Catholicism, we don’t often mention mary because mary is over overemphasized in Catholicism, but we Protestants have a tendency to neglect her because we don’t want to get anywhere near mary worship.
Uh and that is certainly prevalent in what is Catholicism and extremely twisted in roman is um if you know anything about roman ism uh there, I don’t know that, I don’t know the circle, There’s a roundabout in Rome or near the city, center of Rome.
And it’s got jesus crucified on one side of the cross and mary’s crucified on the other side of the cross and it says that she is our co redeemer.
Well, that’s not true. In fact, mary said herself that she was a sinner.
Did you know that mary announced in the magnificent mary calls jesus her savior interesting, right, marries the one that the angel appears to her and says, blessed are you mary among all women for you have found favor in the sight of God.
And the announcement is made that the Holy Spirit will overshadow you, which is an amazing statement.
And by the way, I don’t even know if I should bring this up.
I don’t want to give it even any credence.
But you guys live in, in the world of insanity, you need to know this.
There’s a movement right now in some religious groups, I think they’re insane.
And in in this movement, uh they are trying to justify their view of gender is um based upon the fact that Jesus didn’t have an earthly father.
So because he didn’t have an earthly father, jesus was gender neutral.
That’s that’s blasphemous because if you like it or not, the Holy Spirit reveals himself as being in the male or man gender.
Now, God announces that to us because he’s relating to us, remember God is spirit, but he refers to himself as a he we think in our little finite line that we’re living on and we think how chauvinistic is that we don’t even know what we’re talking about.
And and and if you that bothers you, this ought to send you out out of the building on fire.
Listen to this. Where did women come from? You guys should know this.
Okay, let’s rewind will edit it for radio.
Where did where did where did a woman come from from?
A man come in here, babies.
No, that’s not how it happens.
God created Adam and God took from Adam the actual DNA. Hi.
And God made his holy spirit watch this tweak because he is the scientist, he is the engineer and made a woman out of man.
This is amazing. So watch what happens.
The bible tells us that the spirit of God, the angel announces the spirit of God will overshadow you.
So what what what’s going on? Is this mary having her human blood right? Of course she’s a human.
And in the lineage of luke’s gospel, mary, her line is listed and joseph joseph line is listed in Matthew’s gospel.
But the problem with joseph is that he’s from the tribe, they’re both Children of David.
Do you understand both joseph and mary?
But as you break down the genealogies, we got a problem because on joseph’s side of the bloodline, way back in Israel’s history, A guy, a king by the name of jake Ania sinned against the Lord.
And God’s judgment was no one from your D. N. A. He didn’t say DNA.
But I’m gonna use DNA because that’s what we’re talking about.
Nobody from your descendants, nobody from your D. N. A. Nobody with your blood.
Haqqania will prosper or fulfill the prophetic line. Your lines condemned. Well, guess what joseph was from that line.
Joseph had legal rights to the throne by paper.
But his line was cursed through jake Ania mary. Her line is not cursed and she’s a blood relation.
Joseph was legal mary was blood. So you think God has a problem?
God has no problem because the plan from eternity was that the Son of God would be the son of God and not the son of joseph you never find except when Jesus is being criticized and attacked.
Where they’re implying that he’s the son of joseph. Think about it, Jesus.
When you know when the bible refers to jesus, it will say Jesus, the son of have mercy on us.
Jesus, Son of David, interesting, right? See how that comes together.
The legal and the blood she represents the bloodline. So in her was human blood. Right? Her human blood.
The Holy Spirit uses in the conception of the Son of God and jesus Creation is by the Holy Spirit.
And it flirts with the idea that in genesis chapter one the bible says the Spirit of God brooded over the waters of the earth.
Remember that in creation the Holy Spirit was moving over the waters.
We get the word hover over the water because we have a hard time with that hebrew word.
The best that we can do is that the spirit of God at creation was hovering over the waters of the deep on earth.
And the Holy Spirit in this conception of the son of God, imagine mary when the angel told her you’re gonna be pregnant and you know what she says, she says, how can this be?
I’m a virgin and translation, That’s not the way, it’s not, it’s not gonna happen the normal way it’s gonna happen.
God’s way Galatians chapter four, verses four and five says But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth, his son sounds like a plan right born of a woman born under the law to redeem those who were under the law that we might receive the adoption as sons.
What a precious verse. And so the promised prophecies had arrived in jesus.
The incarnation of God appeared in jesus. While the law was in effect.
In other words, the the gospel had not yet arrived.
The gospel, so to speak, allow me to say it this way had not yet been born while Israel was under the occupation of Rome and he comes granting unalienable rights to anyone who would believe by adoption.
Think of that as a believer when you and I trust in the Lord, jesus christ, you’re adopted into the family of God and you are immediately granted what our forefathers understood to be unalienable rights.
That’s a that’s a very beautiful colonial way of saying transcendent rights, rights that have come from God, Is that awesome?
I love that. I absolutely love that they recognize that there’s certain things that we can do regarding laws and certain things we can do with laws.
The first thing that we need to do is recognize that God is God and we’re not and that, that God is king right now, I’m going through this, I’m doing this thing right now regarding the, the origins of America.
You’re quite, you could quite, I think you’d be shocked if you found out that the origins of America uh started in the mind and in the writings and in the preaching of a couple of guys.
Uh if you’ve ever heard of john hus, john hus and john Wycliffe, you ever heard of those guys?
There are preachers in England and in Germany and those were the founding fathers of martin Luther’s reformation, but everything that they were talking about had everything to do with God being the king.
The king is not the king, the king, they said is subservient to the king of kings.
If you’re the king of England, you’re only the king of England. God is king of Kings.
That’s what they said and they got this and they were burned at the stake for saying it.
They said all human government bounce to the authority of christ and they were killed for that Absolutely amazing have to give you one more verse just to say that we did have a bible study.
Its first timothy chapter three verse 16. It ties into everything we’ve been talking about.
And I love this passage of scripture.
And you guys if you know if you’ve been here for a while, you know that there’s one word that drives me crazy with excitement and imagination.
And I pointed out in a moment. First timothy 3 16 says.
And without controversy boy, that that statement right there is amazing in other words cry and moan and gripe all you want.
It doesn’t matter your philosophies and your your imaginations and beliefs and your contrary religions and whatever you want to concoct is just hot air.
Why without controversy? Great is the mystery of Godliness. Watch this.
So now he’s gonna tell you what it is. God was manifested in the flesh.
Stop right there. How many words that 123456 words. Six words, six words.
Those those are stompers. God was manifested in the flesh. Just look at everyone. Look at that. God.
God! Elohim singular God! El God! Elohim plural, singular plural.
We got a problem on our hands and a jew will say to you tonight. No you don’t. That’s him.
We know who that is. That’s Elohim.
And we say okay, but I am at the end of L. O.
Hey is plural. Yes, yes it’s plural. A cherub is an angel.
Cherub m I am are multiple angels in hebrew I am is a multiple version of what you’re talking about.
Are you hearing me? So listen, we’re christians, there’s one God, there’s not two gods, there’s not three gods, there’s one god.
Hear O. Israel the Lord, our God is 11 God. How can we have a one god?
And in his very announcement of his name is a plurality. Isn’t that something?
So what we need to do from the ancient hebrew scriptures forward is read the bible with what genesis tells us about is that we’re dealing with a single god who in somehow we’re gonna have to keep researching because as we read through Genesis and then exodus.
As we read through the bible, we gotta keep looking for this uh this answer because it’s weird then we wind up seeing very quick and short order.
As I mentioned a moment ago, the spirit of God was there at creation.
Now you’ve got a manifestation where you’ve got God who is singular, but a distinct person being addressed in scripture as the spirit of God.
The bible says, Israel disobeyed God and made angry his holy spirit and he turned on them and became their enemy.
The bible announces that in the old testament, the bible says, I will be unto him as a father and he shall be unto me as a son.
And in some to the bible says that the God of heaven will laugh at the calamity of man who has rejected God, he’ll look down from heaven and see all of man’s ridiculous attempts to live life without God.
And he who sits in the heavens shall laugh.
And the bible says, the bible tells us they’re in the same psalm it says, but you should turn and kiss the sun lest he be angry with you and smite you in the way God the father God the son God the Holy Spirit, One God manifest himself in this plurality.
All in that one little statement right there, those six words are serious because Islam cannot say that mormonism cannot say that buddhism cannot say that name it, Jehovah witnesses cannot say that you need to know this.
They’ll tell you something different at the door, God was revealed, manifested, made skin.
You have to ask yourself, when did that happen next, justified in the spirit?
What does that mean? It means everything that God did in the skin in flesh was approved of by the Holy Spirit.
It means that whoever this god is who came or became flesh, did everything by the power of the spirit of God.
And without the spirit of God, he would do nothing seen by angels.
This is the word seen.
We get the word doc means your jaw falls open, who?
It means to be wide eyed and open mouth.
Watch God was manifest in the flesh justifying the spirit and by angels.
What’s the big deal I thought angels always saw.
Apparently not. Apparently not. Certainly this is true.
If you’re dissecting this verse, the wow factor or the Aha moment is the fact that God was manifested in the flesh and that caused angels to freak when jesus was being born from mary.
Can you imagine in the spirit realm, she might have been like, she would have been any hebrew girls, She would have been either sitting uh standing on to uh rocks or to uh stools like they would use for milking two stools.
They would sit and squat or they would often they would grab, they would do baby births upright.
So now step into the spiritual, seeing into the invisible scene where the angels are at this first leads you to believe that the angels were watching what’s going on here.
Um so our our creator is about ready to come into this messed up rich hole of a planet to rescue these things and he’s gonna, he’s gonna come out like one of them.
Is that the deal? Is that the plan? That’s the plan, right? That’s the plan.
Can you imagine when it starts happening?
Can you imagine I’m making this part up right now?
Everything has been true up until this moment.
Can you imagine what if an angel is looking and one angel says, I see he’s got black hair, I think it’s black hair here comes, I can see his hat, he’s got this is God, he’s got, he’s got ears just like they have ears, he’s starting to cry, he’s coming out, he’s coming out much faster now.
He’s coming out and this is this is him, this is our maker, this is our creator, this is he’s the one the bible tells us in the Book of colossians and the Book of Hebrews, that it’s jesus christ, who is the creator of all things and without him nothing was created that was created.
No wonder why those angels gov’t right, no wonder why they freaked out, preached among the gentiles.
Who this is a pure fact, there’s no message that’s been preached more around the world than the gospel of jesus christ, not a one, nothing even comes close, believed on in the world.
And did he not return received up into glory, wow, so precious!
You guys were gonna end right now and let’s let’s just do this, let’s bow let’s you wanna bow, can you get on your knees where you’re at, can you, can you do that?
Let’s do that. Haven’t arm in arm and come on out and let us in.
You guys want to dim the lights so nobody can be detected as how difficult it is for us to about Armand Armand Armand okay, okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So yeah let’s dim the lights Way to yeah, you can dim these two um let’s do this church, we have a lot to pray for number one as we pray, let’s be thankful to God for who he is, that he loves you.
Our nation’s in trouble. Our nation needs light.
Okay we need we want to pray for God’s will to be done in our country.
Sad news tonight.
Out of san Francisco I forget the number, it’s well over 50% of people in San Francisco have said that they’re going to be leaving San Francisco because of the violence and because of their fears san Francisco will become a ghost town.
Ladies and gentlemen, the first mega metropolitan center that is scheduled to evaporate on the planet earth, so to speak.
As there’s gonna be a mass evacuation church family.
Our nation’s hurting and our land is lawless and our churches are lost and so many people our plane with their life they’re playing, I like to look at it this way, they’re playing marbles with diamonds and they don’t even know it.
Arman is gonna lead us in a song.
Can we make it a prayer of ours.
Can we do that as we kneel before the Lord our God our maker speed.
Sweet speed.
Mm Speak the Yeah.
Sweet speed.
Uh huh. Oh fresh.
Sweet yes.
Holy spirit tonight we yield to you completely to hover over us as it were to brood over us.
Lord br covering br protection your power all for this and all to this end that jesus christ might be glorified in our lives.
Lord we are a happy people.
We are glad people because your word reveals to us how much you love us, that you you bought our salvation, not by turning jupiter into gold or Saturn into silver.
You could have done that.
You could have, you could have spoken the moon and caused it to become platinum and you could have paid in some way, shape or form however you would establish in your economy our debt.
But even if you would have done those things clearly, it wouldn’t have been enough.
You do not delight in silver or gold.
We thank you Lord tonight that we are people who will be leaving this building in a moment to say and to know I am a blood bought child of the living God.
And so because that’s true, we do not hide. We do not cower back.
We are not timid. We’re not just waiting it out.
We have been activated by the Holy Spirit to shine the light of your truth into every nook and cranny, every hole, every canyon, every closet, the light of God, the love of God!
The holiness of God! The righteousness of christ, jesus Lord!
When we get up off our knees Tonight may there be a renewed power upon every single one of us and Lord, for those that are here tonight that have never experienced the filling and the anointing power that comes upon the believer.
We pray tonight Lord, that they would go from this place. And seemingly nothing happens at all.
They’re wondering, what was that all about?
And tomorrow tonight friday, something supernatural will transpire in their lives and they’ll know this is the hand of God.
This is the power of jesus Lord. I remember the first day you did that in my life.
And I thank you Lord, that it’s never stopped. I shouldn’t, I should say you’ve never stopped. Not it.
So Lord, tonight may your people know your power and father as they go their way.
May they be kings and priest of this glorious gospel to take the word into their world, into their office, into the school, onto the site at home.
And so Lord, we yield to you now we thank you for the cross.
We thank you for the empty tomb.

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